is it legal ?

in the middle of your number plate ? between the 2 rows of letters and numbers or do they have to be at the bottom of your plate

is what legal?

  1. Anything on the plate that could affect the appearance of the characters would be illegal.

  2. Legal plates have to be made of reflective material - white front, yellow rear. A plate that had areas that were reflective in other colours might be illegal.

  3. In law, reflective material counts as lights so light regulations apply. Therefore, as with lights, reflective material has to follow these rules -

White - only visible from the front
Red - only visible from the rear
Yellow/Orange - can be placed anywhere on any vehicle
Green - only if you are a doctor on call
Blue - authorised emergency vehicles only

Actually, it is a lot more complicated than that, but it is late, I have been drinking, and I can’t be arsed to look up the detail.

Don’t you need a reflective blob of red on the Licence plate now to pass an MOT, and is that what the op is talking about?

If so I am not sure it matters where, I have seen it at the top, at the bottom and at the side. I am not sure about between the letters, suppose it might depend on whether, as above, it changes the way the characters look or obscures them in anyway.

you must have a refector yes Kaos but that is generally removed by those wishing to have a tail tidy etc and a way round it is to mount an aftermarket reflector or blob as you put iy

I think op means refective strips such as rim tape type of stuff or hiviz reflective tape such as Battenburg markings are made of …

I am not sure but i think it is actually Illegal to have anthing attached to number plate … the only thing that is meant to be on it is reg no … dealer link and bs number …but saying that i have reflective stickers on corners of my plate … and i may be wrong on the illegal part …

Yes, you do have to have a red reflector on the back of anything other than a moped. The reflector, if on the plate would likely make it illegal.

anything on the numberplate other than the registration number, the manufacturers name and postcode,the British standard mark and the Euro symbol (or UK country symbol) is illegal.

Rules are very strict on numberplates and basically can be summarised as anything you do to it after it has been made by the official numberplate supplier is illegal.

thanks for input everyone , i was talking about the reflective blob that u stick on for tail tidies …

my number plates had 2 extra holes in the middle of the plate from where they were attached b4 the tail tidy so i covered them up with the reflective blob which does NOT distort any of the letters or numbers on the plate …i was wondering if it was legal because ive been looking at other bikes with reflective blobs and they always have them in corners of the plate