Is it legal?

This might be difficult to explain!
I am going to remove my airbox next week which is the bit on the picture above the 2 bolts next to the top of the shock.
Would it be legal to place a full size (yes you heard it right) number plate in this position if I have a couple of white LED’s as number plate lights?
Can be seen better than my small plate because of the angle.
Fed up with being pulled for small plate and need something to replace airbox there anyway.
Anyone who knows what im talking about and could circle the offending area it would be appreciated. Or even colour that area yellow!

A lot of the lads in Spain do this…On a similar note, quite a few choppers put a plate just behind the footpegs…is this legal ? what does the law say, was it written before GATSOs came along …?

Here you go, updated pic attched. Great question as I’ve been thinking the very same thing.

That area? I am not sure of the legal issues, I guess ask an MOT tester as they have to check…



dam, looks like I am 2 minutes too late… hehe nice too see everyone can chip in to help out…

Thanks guys
GOF can you do what you have done in yellow please mate!

Nice idea, this is how they do it in the states, but over here? I don’t think so. Even if you could prove it was legal on a technicality, the average copper isn’t going to like this, and more to the point, it’ll still be illegal as you won’t have a proper sized plate there! Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me.

I know it looks rubbish but thats why I keep my standard plate it means old bill leave me alone.

It is proper size Jay. Just fits

You’re right…looks rubbish
Anyway you know me mate even with a legal plate im gonna get stopped ALL the time

It is true. You must have that certain look about you.

Okay, well it doesn’t hurt to try (well, only £30 fine anyhow, oops). It’s nice to be unique

I recon that will look ok old bill should leave you alone, know what you mean about the angle of your plate, mine was a similar angle and I kept getting pulled… 30 quid a shot isn’t that bad… x 5 and its starts to hurt abit…

Anyway, I’ve just got a new plate now very legal 6x4 I have a bold font type so its doesn’t look to bad. i have also changed the angle so it’s very visible in my opinion…

Oh; and I have a tag line at the bottom: STAN - LONDONBIKERS.COM… looks wicked.

Mine is 6x4 now mate and i’m up to £60 this month already

Not been stopped since I changed the angle… In fact next time I ain’t stopping, that way when/if they catch me they will have something other than my number plate to talk about…

I also have a 6x4 plate, but have never been hassled in two years of running this size. Perhaps it’s because the officers are too busy holding their hands over their ears, to have a word. Hehehe…

Me 2.

That numberplate idea - illigal.

Illegal? … I like it already!

It’ll look great IMO

I’ve done a bit of googling, and not found very much, but this is what I’ve found: DVLA spec, not much info. MOT Spec, this doesn’t cover the reg plate for bikes at all from what I can see, so there may not be a requirement to have the plate illuminated.

I think a cool white glow from underneath might look good!
God I sound like Terry!!!