Is it just me?

I got a car and bike licence , I ride a motorbike and never seem to come across any problems when riding … However when driving a car straight away you notice things straight away , coming home today in the car with mum and brother , approaching small roundabout just the White circle painted in the road as I’m half way across getting ready to turn right , this car from the left think it was ford focus grey come flying past when he was clearly spoce to stop at the White lines and spoce to give way, Luckily I saw him coming and Stopped half way , he defiantly would of killed me and family he was easily going over 40 mph what a pri*k!!

with roundabouts i believe their not taught to give way to the right anymore, or it just seems that way to me, have had moments approaching a roundabout nothing to my right so on i go for a tw@t to pull out in front of me and they have a go at me, ffs.

I also think their also taught not to use indicators, or is it that indicators are a factory option :w00t:

Fook me your being generous, I think half of the people on the roads these days dont have a licence at all!! Hence they dont know the highway code. Hopefully, the new law that will fine uninsured vehicle owners (Exept thse SORN’d) will help.

I reckon your right mate, too many people dont have a licence

Earlier today some muppet came out of a side road on the right side and jumped in front of me, not fast though. He didn’t look to my side of the road, only to the other one. I purposely stopped quite close behind him in his view for him to realize what he did. What annoyed me the most however is that he was a bloody driving instructor :w00t:

So perhaps all those muppets on the road are being trained by muppets such as these?