is it just me?

is it just me or there’s a lot car drivers behave like a ct on a Saturday night? I was on my way back home tonight on my 50cc Vespa and nearly took out by a mini cab driver. he was on the left lane and I was on the right and I could see his car slight slow down and I felt some st gonna happened so I let go my throttle a bit and as I expected he fking turn right without indicating, so I had to brake hard to stop and stopped just few inches away hit his car and he looked me fking drove off (mean while I swearing at him).

Then about 15 minutes later a car fking cut into my lane without indicating again!!! what the fk is going on with those people? I am so f**king lucky made it home alive. So is it me or the car just don’t care about people on scooter/bike?

p.s. sorry about all those F words but I am just so f**king upset and angry.

It’s Saturday night. It’s a mini cab. What do you expect?

All I was expecting was some basic driving skills and intelligences

The sad simple truth is they dont give a sh1t :frowning: If you where a kitten or a puppy they would avoid a collision but your not your a motorcycle. . .

wow, mini cab was so wrong, he should’ve waited. when he turned though did he turn quickly or slowly? cause usually when i see cars turn anywhere they take forever.

i see cars go into my lane without indicating quite a lot, but i usually i can see it coming.

All minicabs u-turn without warning- there are just more of them around on a Friday/Saturday night so you’re more likely to meet them.

Some Fri/Sat drivers/cruisers are out to get you so it pays to be extra paranoid especially when they’re statisticly more likely to be driving whilst off their heads!

Mate your on a scooter…just ride like all the other scooter riders([email protected]) then i’m sure these instances won’t bother you as much :smiley:

It’s not just you… Saturday night also means groups of girls (drunk blokes don’t seem to do his for some reason?) wandering drunkly across the road, not looking but squawking and giggling and not taking a blind bit of notice of traffic as they leave the bar to get to the kebab house / the 24 hour store for fags/ the taxi rank / the tube station etc.

Fulham Broadway, Northcote Road Clapham, Hammersmith Broadway, Shepards Bush and all of the West End is notorious for this…

Hen night parties are the worse … although one group surrounded me once and wanted to snog a biker (;)) so it can’t be all bad…

is it restricted or not, if it is, get it un restricted, gives a little better options on getting outta taxi dick heads way

Although you may have been in the right. Its up to you to manage you own safety. It sounds as though you did just that. But your road positioning and use of the horn can make a very big difference. Most road users never hoot until its way to late. Hooting when someone is changing lane or doing a u-turn you probably missed the boat.

Take up a bit better road position and and the lane changer/u-turner will miss you all together. Take up the best road position and the lane changer/u-turner will have seen you before they nearly kill you!

That was your first error.

Seriously, I epxect everyone in London to drive like a ****. Means my blood pressure stays much lower and I get pleasantly surprised when someone shows a bit of humanity.

Thats just life riding in the city man.

the old sudden cab u-turn is almost a cliché… Extra extra defensive riding on Saturday nights dood.