is it just me???

is it just me, or is that BSB just the most boring racing ever i try to get into it but its just dull…

place can of open worms here

What do you expect…it consists mainly of R1’s,GSXR’s and ZX10’s…thats enough to put most people to sleep!

now thats two cans of open worms…

True though…wheres the MVs and the Aprilias and the Moto Morinis or Triumphs!! Ducati is right about letting all manufacturers in. Let them go to 1200cc’s 'cos then Buell can join in too!!!

The Japs seem to have forgoten that they were allowed to get an extra 250cc!!! Lets get everything out there,then it would be intresting.

Watching a grid of bikes that all look and sound the same is boring! I only watch it to see the Ducatis thundering round!

I thought today was a fab race! You’re bonkers! That was a true test of setup and skill! Anyone could have won it today, which made for a great race. I’m just so very glad a Suzuki brought it home Well done to Scotty.

Roll on WSB next.

Yeah bring on WSB and watch Baylis trouncing the Corona bikes

well ive been called a few things in my time, but bonkers has to be a 1st

Have you been called ‘Upton Park’?

Ignore him…he probably didnt have his new specs on, so it would have looked really quick…all those blurry bikes


you lost me P

Have a look at the tube map for a clue…

errrrrrrr looking but im still not sure, i guess this is some joke at my expense but im not seeing it.

Upton Park is two stops short of Barking (as in barking mad)…

ahhhh i see , i still think its shite racing

Well said my boy, well said

stop sulking jay…its not your fault Suzukis are crap

I enjoyed the races… Nothing quite like watching everyone sliding around like that!!! Their butt holes must be gripping the seats… He he he…

Oh and BabyJ… Now that you have a bike, we’ll see you on the track this year then??

Yeah Foxy Ill see ya on track as soon as I get my Elvis suit

The grass at the track sides did look quite long!!

Let the Buells compete and they can plough it

Hahahaha why should Ducati get an extra 200cc its not as if they need it, there leading WSB, BSB and Moto GP at the moment. Says it all really.

They did argue that it cost more to get the 1000cc up to the standard of the in line 4’s, but then when they have the 1200cc engines there still going to spend the same.

As for Triumph what bike are they going to enter? the Daytona 955i? it wouldn’t stand a chance and its not really that race focused like most of the jap bikes. It would be nice how ever to see them entre with something very competetive.

Wait till Aprilia bring out there V4 engined millie, that should be good in WSB and hopefully they will have some in BSB. Something to keep an eye on

As for BSB I haven’t seen the last race yet, its been Sky+ed so I’ll watch it tomorrow

But I enjoy watching all the motorbike sport on TV

To some biking is just a fashion statement.

I didnt find it boring in the slightest.