Is it easy to adjust the preload on your rear shock?

I have an undertray and hugger fitted to my J2 and from taking pillions before I have scrathed the hugger. I have got to take a pillion this weekend for a long ride and I need to try and stop my hugger and undertray rubbing. I suppose the best way is to make the compression damping harder and the preload.

However in my manual for the preload it says take it to a dealer! Is it that difficult to do?

The preload adjuster on your shock is most likely the two rings around the collar of the shock. You should have a c-spanner in your standard toolkit which should allow you to adjust it. It’s not as straight-forward as other shocks, but it does the job.

Jays advice is spot on. There probably is two rings on the J, I’m sure the B1 has a ride height adjuster aswell as preload.
Hopefully you’ll have a C-spanner in the toolkit - I didint get one with my Gixxer

It might be worth adding a click or two on the compression, but you dont want to start messing about to much unless you know what you’re doing.

Aftermarket undertrays and huggers are notorious for rubbing against each other anyway on certain bikes. Guess we can ad the kwakker to that list.