Is it "Drive like a prat day" in London today?

Appalling, really appalling driving today.

And to the bloke on the silver 3 wheeled scooter thingy. I couldnt “move it” as the lady in the silver Golf has stopped on my foot!!!

So if you ride a silver 3 wheel scooter thingy and you went through The Elephant and Castle at around 5.15 tonight and stopped behind a fat bloke on a Husky, that was me. Poor obs on your part:doze:

Yeah, the roads have been a bit more aggressive over the last couple of days…

Today… Muswell Hill…

Fat asian guy on a scooter ‘L’ plates.

using his mobile with his left hand holding phone at the traffic lights.

Lights changed and one handed… whilst still on the phone pulled away in between 2 cars… One of which was me… he wobbled away from lights on the phone and I nearly hit him as he swerved… D**KHEAD! :angry:

(then after putting phone away overtook a bus on a left hand bend)

Good job I wasn’t on my bike. There would have been words!!!:crazy:

Says the man with a car parked on his foot :w00t::P:D

(Sorry, could’t resist, hope it’s OK :slight_smile: )

Foots fine, nice chunky MX boots on.

As for my poor obs, my foot was there first:D

Drive like a prat day is everyday for a lot of people

London is full of idiot drivers and riders.

What a f***ing idiot.

Hope you get better soon.

Yep, always expect the worst…and I’ll try not to disappoint you!:stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry, sounds like he won’t be around to trouble us very long. :angry:

Yeah fat asian guys have a tendancy of being crap riders - all of em should really learn how to ride. Perhaps we should send them and all the coloured people to a special riding school?

Today a white girl on a scooter cut me up at aldgate… maybe I should post that on the forum…

going out on my bike very shortly… right into westminster and back…

I have a scooter vendetta today!!!:angry:

If it wasn’t for the prats in cars… the commute wouldn’t have that little bit of adrenaline needed to start my day.


The scooter muppets are the worst… I slowed whilst filtering this am and was promptly overtaken by some twist and go lawnmower.

He didn’t seem to appreciate that my progress was delibrately slow for a good reason, namely that there was a gap in the traffic queue. Which strangely enough was about to be filled by a car coming through the traffic from a turning to the left of the queue.

They came nose to nose… doubt he learned anything from it…

Darwin had a point… :w00t:

:exclamation: I blame the full moon…everyone’s lost the plot :exclamationmark:

Anyone know where I can get a sticker with ‘back off you’re riding too close’?- had various scooters do this to me over the past few days(yes Benelli I’m afraid they ALL were scooters though I know bikes do this too). Funny thing is when I move over to let them go past 9 times out of ten they just tuck in behind me- are they slipstreaming to save fuel or something?..ggrrr. It should really be drilled into newer riders at CBT about leaving a safe gap to the vehicle ahead and not riding in the blind spot- at the very least it is very off-putting.

i ride a scooter and a gixer and i have to honest i prefur the scooter for nipping around town any day of the week, suspension is very firm on the gixer and the seat alot more uncomfortable too. it feels wired jumping from the bike to he ped but you get used to it.

I should probably correct myself here… before someone gets upset…I mean the ‘L’ plated scooters… Mostly eastern european guys or chavvy teenagers… THOSE ONES!!!:crazy:

Although I admit I used to use a Vespa a few years ago for pootling around on… BUT… BUT!!! still rode it like a Motorcyclist!

i ride more like a prat on the ped than the gixer. i wouldn`t scream through traffic on the gixer but i would on the ped.

if any you have never ridden a gilera runner 200 4 stroke or a 180 2 stroke i suggest you do. there soooooo much fun.

I thought it was “drive like a prat day” everyday in London? that why i tend not to drive into London.

scooters…some are ok, best way is to come up behind them, not too close and just blip the throttle, V-twin engine with a loud pipe and no baffles often gets them to move over, if they dont (when its safe…) i just go round them…saying that i go round everyone.:smiley:

sometimes i LOVE riding in london, its fun and a challenge! keeps your obs skills well up…sometimnes tho when im not in the mood i hate it!!