Is it a dummy or not

Working on my friends YAMAHA VIRAGO XV535 & i need to know, is the top one a dummy exhaust. cos it looks like something used to be inside there im puzzled? so if anyone knows PLEASE HELP ME. there is two pipes and the bottom one looks complete and the top one is empty HELP!!!

Yes, the top one is a dummy as far as I’m aware. The collector box is the bit that usually falls to bits (pile of rusty stuff under the bike) and that’s what usually gets bypassed with after market exhausts. Problem can be with after market ones is that they’re not MOT legal because they’re noisier, so if you’re replacing a regular exhaust you might find it worthwhile to keep the old one (if it’s not full of holes) so you can put it back on for its MOT when due.

it is,same as one of the ones on the bmw fs650