Is it a CB 250?

Cb 250 k or could be the 350, hard to tell from that clip, :slight_smile:

Thanks, I guess its a CB something :slight_smile: it reminds me of the Honda my mates older brother used to ride. many moons ago.

Whats the bike at the end of the clip?

I was thinking Bultaco, but i doubt it

F*cking well spotted! :w00t: Yeah - he changes bike at the end of the clip! :w00t:

It does look like a bultaco 70’s scrambler thingy. The plot thickens! :smiley:

Incidentally I took a test ride on a new Bultaco 350? road bike a couple of years ago - lot’s of fun - a kind of less is more experience e.g. less engine, less tyres etc actually equalled more fun.

I think it maybe a matador. I’ve got one, tucked away at the moment so i cant get to it. just jumped out at me! Probably end up being a worthless 2bit scrambler.

I also have the XS 250, I know the 350 is identical in frame, fixings etc bar the engine size. Its not an XS, but more likely the CB but im saying the 350.

Cool! Didn’t realise you were a Bultaco expert! :cool: Get it ready for the summer! :wink:

Well spotted!! I didn’t even notice the bike change this morning!!

Tee hee - great clip

The frontal shots must have been filmed with our Sid on the back of a flatbed lorry or summat… his shoulders ar 2ft higher than a London Cab :cool::w00t:

Also is he ridding it on the road at all? - All shots of the Honda actually running are from the back and the Bultaco are a bit too far away to be sure…

He was probally too stoned even to sit on a bike without falling over:hehe::cool::w00t:

To be honest, I reckon riding around in the summer stoned off your tits on an old CB250 without a lid would probably be much more of a laugh than all the stress and anxiety involved in owning/riding/paying for a ZXYZFGSXCB1000RR while dressed up like an astronaut.

I’m really sorry, but it would. :hehe:

I love my Bully. Cant wait to get her out properly. I just need newer tyres and a stop light. Exhaust is a little ripe too…hehe :w00t:

We`re watching your posts little guy.

Beware the rickshaw men they are in our employ.

I know exactly what you mean…

When I think of the really fun times I’ve had on two wheels scratching about on a smaller bike/enduro somehow outweighs the fun of road-rocketing around like a NinjapowerrangemanfromMars…

Hmm… and cheaper and less time consuming hmmmmmmmm

Yeah - I’ve got a 750 and a litre sportsbike - and most of the time on public roads it’s the sledgehammer walnut cliche - most of the time your using a quarter of the bikes potential and not experiencing what the bike really has to offer - so it makes sense that riding something more modest could actually be more fun - as you are able to get closer to the edges of the bikes performance than you are on something that works better on a track.

I think that once you have sated your ego with a larger bike you start to come back to the attractions of CB500’s and the like - when you realise that less can really mean more sometimes.

Saying that - at 2 am in the morning, with an empty motorway in front of me, and a desire to be in bed within the next thirty minutes - there is nothing like a large capacity sportsbike for turning what should be an hours journey into, er, a twenty minute journey . . . :Whistling: :wink: