Is it a burd? Is it a plane?

Nice little “conviction” video.

Bit of a fan hey Pete? :smiley:
I don’t follow sports, but she is hot :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve been converted.

My G/F is a black belt in Karate and a bit of a handy kick boxer - she’s been a GC fan for ages (bit of a gurl crush), I’m a fan too now.

Aim high, threeways with celebrities are possible :smiley:

But seriously, shes very attractive and clearly talented. Better than most G/Fs girl crushes!

Hot and dangerous, i like;)

I think the thing that a find most interesting with Gina, is her frequent lack of ease in front of a camera. She was proclaimed to be the face of womens MMA by the U.S, fight media and I think that is / was a lot of pressure. Luckily she deals with it by laughing and smiling, and she looks very cute in that mode.

Gina was “Crush” in American Gladiators.

She is due to Star in the Steven Soderbergh movie “Knockout” - which is supposed to be a action / spy /black ops type film.

Her co stars include Michael Fassbender and Ewan Mcgregor. Filming is due to start in Feb.

During test filming of fight scenes, Gina knocked out a stunt man!

We’d rather see her working her butt off in the gym and fighting in a strikforce event, but the above is a amazing oppotunity which shouldn’t be passed up.

should she get some restraining order or not the case?:smiley:

She is a bit intimidating but does look quite nice, the lip bite is really sexy, interesting how she can look cute but kick your ass at the same time eh?

shame about the santos fight has she had another since?

No, she dissapeared for a while after that, and then issued a press release that really said sorry to her fans. Strikeforce have said that they hope to feature her sometime in the summer.

I just hope that she has plenty of time to train prior to a return.

I’d love to go a round or two with that :wink: !

I’m suprised it took 11 posts for that one! :slight_smile: