Is it a bird? Er, yes, it's Superscooterwoman!

Hello all you lovely London bikers,Bet I’ve seen lots of you on my daily travels around town. Always up for a chat at the lights and I nod to other bikers like, um, a nodding thing. :smiley:

I’m a mum of two and in my forties - and hadn’t been on two wheels in decades until I got utterly fed up with driving in London and thought about a scooter. Did the CBT … and got hooked. My DAS followed shortly after and nowadays I pootle everywhere on a Honda FJS600 Silver Wing maxi-scooter.

Inevitably, I’ve got the hots for a bigger bike and really, really, really want a Yamaha FJR1300. Okay?

See you at the lights.


hello n welcome to lb :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome to the mad house



Hello and welcome to LB:)

Hello and welcome :smiley:

Welcome! Yet another maxi-scooter rider! :slight_smile:

See ya @ the lights :wink:

Welcome to LB:cool:

hiya n welcome, get the bigger bike, do it doooooooooo it :smiley:

Welcome fellow nodder :wink:


Beware woman on monster scooter, smiling at everyone else stopped at the lights! Yikes :smiley:
Welcome, Kathy.

Hello and welcome to LB. Go and get your bike you only live once :smiley:

Blimey!You all certainly know how to make a girl feel welcome! :smiley:

Thank you everybody.

Kathy x

welcome to the site!

Hi :slight_smile: