Is God taking the piss out of me?

Posted this in the “bikes” section a while back:

After last years cold and snow nuisance I got myself prepared for this winter.

Bought some new thermals and bought and broke in some new gloves this autumn. (Lord, I hate new gloves.) Re proofed the old trousers, bought a new pair in case the old ones still leak in the nether region, dug out the neck tube from behind the socks, found the silk glove liners too.

Then I got me a decent snow shovel and a bag of road salt. Mixed the salt 50/50 with sharp sand and stored it, nice and dry, in a plastic dustbin which currently resides in the front hall. (Where else?)

Never been better prepared. So: Probably no snow this winter. Oldguy

So I’m wrong, it does snow on Saturday night and the local forecast is for more of the white stuff Sunday night into Monday morning. Right: Operation Oldguy swings seamlessly into action on Sunday morning. O.K. About 10:00.

Coffee brewed for later, it’s on with the thermals, new snow shovel grasped in new insulated gloves and I’m away.

Clear front path, carry on doing my civic duty bit to clear 25 metres of the pavement. Warm glow of self satisfaction.
Drink coffee. (And a drop of Russian anti freeze. I’ve earned it.)
Right, fronts clear, now out the back. Clear 25 metres of driveway. Hmm. Better do the crossover and the road camber as well.
Ah. Mrs. O’s car is street parked. Clean that off and dig that out so I don’t have that job at 7:00 on Monday.
A bit more civic duty and clear the doddery old lady’s path over the road while I’m here.
Another mug of coffee and out with the salt bucket.

Job well done. Warm, smug inner glow.

Why did no one tell me we were going to get an effing overnight thaw?

No, God’s not taking the piss, she’s just keeping you active in retirement:D

So god’s a woman?

Now it mostly makes sense.

George Carlin had a good take on this. There is no god, but if there was it would be a man as no female would **** up the world like this one did.

I am in my first year of home ownership, and i found it surprising how good it makes you feel to clear some snow from the path and drive! next door neighbour saw me struggling with a dust pan!! he lent me his snow shovel so i did his path as well.

better get my own for next year!

Sorry OG, thought you might remember the “When God made man she was only joking” slogan - Mrs OG might be able to explain;):smiley:

i got news for you all. god is a cat!!!

no good deed goes unpunished,:smiley:

Ceiling cat is god!