Is F1 going to steal our riders? Now it's Biaggi's turn...

Max was testing in Silverstone with Midland F1 ! How come they even think on the switch? Is that all about the money???


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Can’t help but think now he looks like a ck in a race car, instead of a ck on a bike.

It wasn’t really a test, more of a PR thing. He completed a VERY limited number of laps.

He’s a **** with 4 world championships, and well up there in the most GP wins of all time.

I luv moto GP and F1 but like a racing driver said in this weeks MCN ‘what are the biker riders doing at F1 they don’t belong there’ they turning both sport into media and money championships

Was that quote from a driver who had finished behind Rossi in the recent test?

Not really bothered about Biaggi but I would like to see Rossi move to F1, it would then make MotoGP a little more exciting because someone else will have a chance of winning lol.

lay off him , he had to go to the interview to get his job seekers allowance

Now THAT is a amusing thought!