proper shook up by all this ing bull

hope everyone’s ok

I can’t contact anyone anywhere all phones are dead or off

bit shakey

hope you’re all ok anyway

Yep, all okay. I don’t plan on going into town today! How mad is this? It’s like the IRA all over again. Convinient that all the anti-terrorist units are up in Scotland right now!

Glad to know you are ok, I am fine as well. Flloyd is ok as he came back on the thread I started. Rest are all a bit quiet at the mo. Mobile networks are down in London - texting still works though.

Ok… someones gonna have to fill me in here… what the hell you lot talking about???

soooo glad I’m working from home today, few colleagues in town right in the middle of it all… cant get in touch so hope they are ok…

Floyd: or any news channel

major terrorist attack

still proper shakey about it all

my little cousin was on the way to work behind the bus that got blown up, phone disconnected when I was recieving the message, apparently she fell over and was taken to a nearby cafe

…If I hear anything, anyone around to poss pick her up?

Its just bloody crazy, glad to hear ya all ok. I luckly work outside London now but worked at Soho for a while.

Micky, hope your Cousin’s ok m8. The news are saying all phone net works are giving prioty to the emergancey services so calls will be bad for a while.

I work at Gower Street very near tavistock square and even more near to Russel Square. Our building is on alert mode since the first blast, with all the security doors closed! The instructions were to stay put ! but as I commute on a scooter I just went home… On my way I saw a huge variety of reactions. People crying,rushing,lost,stoped static…You can imagine… Loads of our Staff do commute using the Kings Cross and Russel Square… they fail to show up, obviously. We are working on find out if everyone is safe on line. Hope the rest of you are fine!

think i can - Im in soho & can find a spare lid around the office

0870 2427320
07771923 308

I am in Marylebone and we are not allowed out of the building. Apparently qualify as essential staff so will probably have to be here all night. Wooopy doodas, as if I fancy that right now! Glad it appears everyone is ok.

Just saw in the news that no buses, trains or undergroung is or will work for a while in London(zone1).

Im just going to my garage to give my scooter another kiss and tell her that I love her! (i’m home now)

I would be at my work building up to now if it wasn’t for her! I work in Gower Street by Russel Square…

This is so fooked… I suppose we were all expecting it… It was just gonna be when and how!!! I’m glad that everyone is ok… Mad sh*t going on with the phones… I recieved some calls and one from Irish Paul asking after all the Possee… My thoughts are with the Familys affected… :frowning: