Is Chelsea Bridge still going to be going this summer?

Does anyone know what the latest is on whether Chelsea Bridge is still going to be allowed to continue this summer???


just let them try and stop us!! 50 years of history says damn right it is!

I guess it will be, untill the next wanna be hero lobs it up the road showing us he’s just learnt to wheelie. Then the cops show up in numbers and make it “difficult” for a few weeks, loose interest and things drift back to normal.

Repeat to fade…

Local councils always bow to public pressure from their residents, especially if they’re paying the top council-tax bracket amount, which the residents of these penthouse apartments no dobut are. If the residents haven’t already, it’s only a matter of time before a petition is lodged and the Police have to enforce a closure of the meet!

The meet’s attendee’s could fight it though, perhaps they already have, I don’t know, but if there’s time restrictions coming into play, maybe this is the middle-ground in some negotiations.

It would be a big shame to lose one of London’s main Friday night bike meets!

Jay, maybe we are looking at the inevitable. Could we at LB be instrumental in finding an alternative? Say Battersea Bridge, I am sure the hot dog stand would follow us.

Hot dog anyone?



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If the Police do close it down it will only move to somewhere else. I’ve heared romours that there is some sort of bike meet in Docklands, but not sure.

It would be nice if LB could be instrumental in the negotiations, and maybe suggesting an alternative. (Pref somewhere that bans scooter - Oooh, did I really say that…)

rogerk5 and Jelster, people might well go somewhere else, or they might just not bother and let things take their own course, so yes, we should see if there’s something that can be done about it! LB can be a great way for the community to come together and organise an effort. The LB staff are working flat-out on other ventures and day-to-day goings on, we don’t have time personally to take this mission on ourselves, well not at least as the primary members of such an action-group.

If you guys are interested in looking into this, we can support you in a number of ways, and act as the intermediary between the various groups that would be involved, i.e. The council, the Police, other venue meet users (car nights, for example). There might be others that are willing to help out as well.

If you take it on, you’ll be able to use LB as a backer and have a central place to keep discussions and negotiations going. I wouldn’t have thought this need be a complex and lengthy project. The only difficulty I can forsee, is that if the authorities agreed to allow it elsewhere, they’d demand the introduction of restrictions, i.e. an improvement in legality and saftey.

And yes, there is a meet in the Docklands. It’s been on and off for a few years, as it’s a lot more stunt-orientated and the authorities have closed it down a couple of times. Not everyone will go there though if the Chelsea Bridge ends, as it’s a long way for anyone on the other side of Docklands.

Ho hum looks like just Ace then Soho. I’d miss the hotdogs, but not much else.

But mebbe we should be ridin more while the roads are quiet, rather than sitting on the bikes drinkin coffee…

Jay many good points as usual. Scratchin do you have any useful leads here that we could approach?