Is Bike-Jacking still a thing?

Going back 3 or 4 years ago and stories of desirable bikes being followed by “darlings” on scooters and doing a traffic light assault were all over the motorbike media - plus plenty of stories on social media about near-misses.

At the time it kept me hyper aware if I spotted likely suspects (lads two up on a scooter or two scooters in tandem) and monitored them for any swift u-turns or getting surrounded at traffic lights.

Nowadays I hear nothing about this tactic - has Police action put an end to it or does it still happen a lot?

Maybe they’ve moved their attention to bicycles. I hear regular reports of bike-jacking along the canals and in Richmond Park.

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Well it looks like good news… apart from bicycle jacking (which won’t affect me as my pedal bike ain’t going to excite anyone ) it looks like it’s died down.

I know it all started about 2015 when Visordown, MCN etc were full of stories .

I have read on a forum that one guy (in Sheffield) was followed home earlier this year - supposedly one of the scrotes had a machete (!)

The darlings then turned up late at night outside his house a few times and although he had it parked in his back garden it freaked him out that they would follow him again if he ever went out on it. So he quickly sold it to webuyanybike that he only had 4 months (from new) loosing a couple of grand into the bargain.

That’s the only story I’ve heard recently and I can’t verify that either - could have been forum tall tale bullshit.

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