Is anyone still going to BMM?

Or is everyone heading to play rounders?

Having BM 2 mins away from where I work is not convenient going to Blackheath… plus the clouds look disturbingly menacing…

Anyhoo will probably turn up for about 6 but won’t be staying long if no one is going to show up :slight_smile:

initially I planned to go to BMM as well this week, also just a few min away from me office, but the rounders came up and looks interesting, if not at least to watch a bunch of bikers in leather rolling around on the ground trying to catch a ball etc… :w00t:

dude if bm is 2 mins from ya…the rounders match is 15/20 tops…cmon now :wink:

I can’t make it to BM this week nor can I make it to the rounders match. :frowning:

Have you seen the clouds? Really can’t be arsed standing in a field with no cover in the rain… plus I’m not a big rounders fan :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: