is anyone goinn to thruxton next weekend for the BSB

hi guys

please please please.if you going next weekend come and say hi,me and the moto devlopments will be raceing in the superduke cup,so pop over and come and see us for a chat and a coffee.

all LBs welcome

Jay any luck with the shirts yet?


We will be there(snow permitting):w00t:

Will be there as well wot time u aiming 4 chunckles ?

Funnily enough i’ll be there, although never rode it before. Should be more fun with my sideprick i mean sidekick B :cool:

F$%K me, I would be delighted to say hi!, but still trying to recover from the embarressment of thinking that Thruxton was this weekend, Printed maps off and everything, only finding out Friday Morning, after visiting the BSB site and OPENING MY EYES. Crap.

Oh well, just have to look forward to the **** weather for next w/e instead…:hehe: