Hi all. who is going on brighton burn on 12th and where are you going from and can i tag along:):D:)

We are leaving from Dartford Jamie… :smiley:

what time are you going and where abouts :cool:

I was planning on getting up to Ace about 9-9.30ish and going from there, although not sure if that will be more trouble than it’s worth, given the numbers. Any previous experiences of starting out from Ace?

Leave dart esso @ 8.30am. Ride round to Ace, stop at nearby McDonalds as Ace is rammed. toilet and breakie stop, ride to ace. park up. enjoy the crowds and sights.

Ride leaves about 10.30. get involved! great ride down. A nice buzz riding with so many bikes. Pace is progressive at times and slow when we get to brighton.

Overall a good day out. One to take the misses on the back! She wont be worrying about your riding skills and concentrating on all the sites around!

Who wants to come up with us??

40 mins to get from ace to hanger lane …in a queue of bikes so filtering is not really an option … not for me again …

getting any form of refreshment at ace … nightmare

parking … anywhere up to half mile away

Thanks Tim, I did think it would probably be a bit of a nightmare. Think I’ll still give it a shot anyway seeing as I have the day off …

do they ride through lewisham?

might just stand and wave like a pula head :slight_smile:


A few of us had a great laugh joining the London-to-Brighton last year - some photos etc here

and about 10 are tempted this year (I seem to have recently acquired this group!)

The route is not exactly exciting, but the atmosphere of these thousands of bikes riding out was amazing.

Its probably best to get there early. I think you could realistically get some food at the Ace about 1hr before the ride leaves. Much later and it got very hectic last year.

Its possible to park and meet up with others - just try and arrange an obvious meeting point beforehand, or have mobiles at the ready :slight_smile:

You’re welcome to join up with us, or if there’s a bunch of LB’ers … or all get together somehow for even more fun :slight_smile:



PS - there’s a possibility I won’t make it, due to flat mate hunting :frowning: I’ll try to make sure someone else gets things organised though.

will be going :slight_smile:

Me and a couple of the lads from my work’s motorcycle club are gonna stop at the McDonalds on the Target Roundabout (Lewis, is this the same one your thinking of??) about 0930hrs then head round to the ace and tag on from there…

Yeah it is Rob…

Ok, sounds like we’ll meet you there then. I would suggest that Mel takes Lewis as a pillion but then again its not that sort of ride :smiley:

i will bikes getting some loveing care atm new chain sprockeks etc but should be back together by then

I’m going on the back of Lewis… huge grougs like this are not really my thang… :slight_smile:

Yes i will and shall be with Sparky at the stunt show :slight_smile:

The shows will be on at …11.30am - 1.30pm - 3.30pm

There are more detail below :slight_smile:

Hey! Great to hear you’re up and about!! Look forward to seeing you there.

[flat mate hunting permitting … :-o ]

tried this run for a couple of times, the buzz is good but unfortunately its full of hot heads and it could end in disaster.

also they tend to ride on the motorway which it could be a bit boring. but hey, its like notting hill carnival, you have to do it once!

i found my flatmate in 2 days on, give it a go its brilliant.

well we be right behind you>>>>

weather permitting I’ll be going, but not from the Ace, too many people trying to get into too few slots! I’ve tried it that way a couple of times and decided that its much more fun riding in along the coast