Is anyone free on Wednesday/Thursday this week for the day?

Is anyone free on Wednesday/Thursday this week for the day?.

Need to tow (on a towing pole, not on a rope) a small van and need someone to steer who has driving license.

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and drinks included if you can help. C

i would offer but i dont have a full licence best of luck mate XD

Whereabouts are you? I have a service booked for my bike on Thursday, and will have a whole day to kill. Full clean license (for now).


I’m West London, Brentford. Will be heading up north to Burnley to collect and dropping it about 150miles away at Peterborough. Definitely a full day’s driving, 450mile round trip. Not everyone’s idea of fun by any means but I’d like to think my charming personality might convince someone to do it :smiley:


Hmm. Not sure a long distance tow is legal.

My understanding is that this sort of towing was an “emergencies only” allowance.

Give it a while and I’m sure one of the blue job guys or Kaos will give us an answer.

Oh. Hmmm…I’m not going to be anywhere near Brentford - probably about an hour away. I have no problem with long distances and/or driving, but I would be concerned about whether I could get there in time for you, and back in time to pick up my bike. What time will you be heading off?

Well I know the basics. The vehicle you are towing with must be rated to tow the weight of the vehicle you are towing, if the combined weight is over 3.5 tonnes you will need a special category licence. If you passed pre 1997 your licence will have the category automatically.

Other than that it doesn’t seem to be any issue.

Bear this in mind, it appears that if you are towing with a pole, this will mean the vehicle is a trailer to the car, so you will need to have a licence plate matching the towing vehicle and a running board with lights on the back of the Van, if you tow with a rope the vehicle doesn’t need those, but appears to be classed as a vehicle on the road and will need tax/mot/insurance.

You will also need to be insured to tow. My insurance asked me and I said no I won’t be towing, so wouldn’t be insured to tow anything.

That is what I saw when I looked.

Oh, that changes things a bit for me then. I have a licence, but only because I’ve always had one. If I need a car I get a Streetcar/Streetvan. I don’t own a car and therefore don’t have insurance covering me at all times for a car. Sorry Charley, I guess that rules me out.

Just a few questions. Have you towed long distance before? What are you using as a towing vehicle ? Are you insured to tow? Does the vehicle in Scotland have an MOT.

What time are you leaving in the morning?

From a southerner anything past Watford Gap is Scotland :wink:

Looks like this may be covered but will know for sure later today.

Yes to all questions. It’s being towed to an MOT station, will have a light/number plate board fitted to the rear and both drivers will have two way radios for safety.

My license and insurance cover me for this and both vehicles fall under the 3.5ton limit. It’s a 2lt Vectra doing the towing.

Sent you a PM Charly

IF you aint got no one yet I can make thursday free, send me pm. Good luck

Lol you wanna borrow me towtruck? Make it easier

Having checked with the Black Rats they inform me that the driver of the vehicle being towed also needs to be insured to drive the towed vehicle.

Unfortunately as I don’t have a car I don’t have any car insurance so I am unable to help you out. Shame as I am free tomorrow and halfway up the M1 in Leicester.

Thank you all for your advice and offers of help. The person who originally couldn’t help now can on Friday so it’s sorted.

Thanks again.