Is anybody going to the Bulldog bash this year?

Is anybody heading up for this? I was nearby last year at a wedding and it looked like a blast.

Yep. Tens of thousands are!

And I’ll be one of them, and on my own bike rather than pillion.

Smart*rse Are you camping up there? Anybody else going?

I’m going too. Got a tent off ebay for it and going up on the Friday with a mate. Should have some other friends coming over from Ireland and meeting us there.

Yep! I’ll be there! Going with a big group of people

Yes and don’t forget about rock and blues next week!

Well I’ll be elsewhere this weekend so won’t be doing Rock ‘n’ Blues - I’m going to a camper van rally in a '65 splitscreen, complete with tent and 4 kids! But I’ve been looking forward to Bulldog for nearly a year so beginning to get REALLY excited now - woo hoo!!!

For those of you going, do you want to meet up for a beer or 12?

If so, PM me your mobile no and I will see if I can arrange something.


im gloing up thursday evening gladly meet for a beer or two