Is a PS2 game any good to learn a track?

I’ve been resting at home trying to recover from some flu in the last few days, I’m still a bit raugh but I would say that from tomorrow I could be back on the road!

I just saw an old edition of TopGear where they were trying to see if they could match the time they were doing on a PS2 game on the actual track with the actual car, well they didn’t for about 15 secs, ie a professional driver probably can.

I was wandering: could a PS2 game be good way to learn some of the features of a track so that when one go there he is kind of familiar with it?

yeah…course it is…

you can practise riding round fast as ya like waving ya light sabre at everyone too !!

I can even crash as many bikes as I like!

One of my friends told me that Valentino Rossi during an interview after a win was asked if he tried the track before that weekend. He replied: “Yes, on the PS2”

BTW, I could not resist, I got SBK07 so that I get many tracks here in the UK + Misano in Italy where I’m going this summer.

Just turned on the telly and F1 bombing around Monaco reminds me that I know this track and Laguna Seca inside out from Grand Turismo.

Never played a decent bike game, although Super Hang-on gets an honourable mention from back in the day.