Is a Fireblade like a BMW car!?

Ok I’ve been off bikes for a year but in the past few weeks, back on two wheels it seems like there’s been a shift in the attitude of other bikers towards me!

When I had my 7R Ninja no one seemed to bother me, I was never cut-up by other bikes and rarely overtaken.
Since I’ve been riding the Blade however, I seem to get people screaming past me, riding right up my arse and generally bothering me on my daily ride to work. Am I just being paranoid? It’s not even a modern 'blade!
Maybe nobody wanted to get near the Ninja before in case it fell over and killed them and started an earthquake…
Maybe it’s the Third Reich Leathers I wear…

Do any other Fireblade riders feel the same?

Maybe you shouldn’t have changed your avatar afterall ;):smiley:

Its the credit crunch…

paint it green and put some kwaker stickers on it.

Ignore them, they are only jealous!

Seriously though, if you haven’t ridden for a year or so and are getting used to a new bike, you are probably (and sensibly) taking things easy for a while. Ride at the speed you are comfortable with, if others want to go quicker, pull over and let them go. You are commuting to work, not racing for your livlihood. PH

I ride an 08 blade and i’m a c**t :w00t::smiley:

Anyone with that avatar c**t be all bad.