Is 3 network really that SH*T?

Just got a 24 month contract 15 Gig a month 3 network mobile broadband package. With it we have been experiencing continual disconnections from the network (although whilst it works, the speed is good).

Only get two or three bars, so I thought the issue was the modem and / or the location.


Now using it in another location, same number of bars and still constant disconnections.

So to test if the modem was faulty, I unlocked it and put my Vodafone phone SIM in it. Lo and behold, no more disconnections.

Now, I’m stuck with this contract that doesn’t really work (outside 14 day cooling off period).

Anyone else experienced this / resolved this?

Write them a letter stating the problems that you are having, and ask what they are going to do to resolve the problem.

If you get no response, write to them again restating the problems that you have been having. If you still have no joy, write again stating that they are failing to meet their contractual obligations and that you have no option to terminate the contract.

Or speak to CAB, they may be able to help.

Looks like that might be my only recourse at the moment.

I have been using this since August and regularly getting 1.4Gb sec even though only one bar showing - the bars are signal strength and nothing to do with network speed, which is presumably down to signal quality not signal strength, in my experience as I get the same speeds whether I have one or two bars. I have yet to see three bars anywhere and only see one bar most of the time. I very rarely have zero bars, and even then the network can work OK but tends ot drop out now and again.

However, this has got bad in the last three weeks or so. In the evening when the network is busy, it seems to struggle to get even 100Kb sec which is a fraction of the speed some weeks ago in exactly the same conditions.

However, I note that 3 are upgrading their Broadband Internet network in London over the next month - there is a map on their site of when you can expect poor service or complete lack of service, although they say this will last only a few hours they say!

Details here.

My experience has been that when it works it is bloody good, but the last few weeks it has been unusually poor and I hope the upgrade will sort things out.

Cant speak for the other networks but I am sure 3 cant be as bad as vodafone shiite, I cant stand em (locked in contract though). Worst reception wherever i seem to go :smiley:

it rooooooooooobish, a friend has a 3 phone and she always has a crap reception/signal…go 02…dogs danglies:D

Very annoying, this hike of the contract period from one year to 18 months, now most to 24 months. They really have got you. Bring back the old one year contract - at least the phones usually lasted that long.Sorry can’t offer any advice on your problem though … other than that the only friend we know who has -3- gets “dropped calls” very regularly.

3 are generally recognised as pretty atrocious in my experience. I’ve never used them, but I’ve never known anyone renew a contract with them, either.

3 is ****:hehe:

I’ve had a phone on 3 for about 4 years now in total, and personally have always found the signal to be pretty good on the whole - quite often getting a signal where other people don’t on different networks.

I had to use the mobile broadband one day when the local gas mains engineers cut the BT cable and found it to be good and fast, but haven’t tried using it in different areas…


I have a 15gb package from 3… it is ssooooooooooo shite I’ve nearly chucked my laptop out of the window in anger. It’s bad enough nearly having to be in the loft to get any kind of a signal, bbut when it just refuses to connect anyway…

The best time of the day to use it is at about 2am. After that, you might as well use pigeon carrier.


We got two broadbands from 3, because we use close to 30G every month at work. And I can say that we lose connection on weekly basis. Frustrating, but then again I have Tiscali broadband at home and it isnt any better.


And now since this post, the connection has been solid and not disconnected once :unsure:

Trouble is, I’ve been experiencing most of the network problems in Essex, and although upgrade work is scheduled in my area, it’s not due for at least a week from now. I’ve been using this broadband for about 3 weeks now.

Hey Mole if you look on the back of your dongle and if it is a ZTE MF627 model, then you can unlock it to use another network and also install a new driver which I found sped up the connection speed a lot and helped prevent some disconnections.

You can find a guide and all the software required here

You’ll need WinRar to unrar the download (like unzip) if you don’t have it. You can get that here

Cheers Afro, I’ll check it out tonight (at work now). :cool:

Hmmm…Seems to have been the laptop and not the dongle causing problems.

I solved the disconnection issue, by going into Device Manager.

Double click on Universal Serial Bus controllers to expand a drop down list.

There should be a number of USB Root Hub listings. For each of them, double click and select the Power Management tab. Un-check the check box next to ‘Allow computer to turn off this device to save power’.

Seems work as have been connected without disconnection for a good few hours. :slight_smile:

I had poor signal with phones on Three and the same with Orange. I finally went to Vodefone and things are much improved.:wink:

I cannot begin to describe how **** 3 are. If you want the details PM me.

Just wait until you want to get out of the contract! :wink: