Ironing can be hazardous

I don’t get it how can someone be so stupid???

Lol! :smiley: I do hope that was some really bad acting going on there … some kind of Indian Jeremy Beedle?

You ever done the ironing Zander?:slight_smile:

Not if I can possibly help it!

I tried learning from KTMmartin and his M&S iron-less shirts … bloomin false marketing if you ask me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that what they call the hot line :w00t:

hahahaha So bad, it’s good :smiley:

Bit of a shame really, probably works in a call centre where they have been made to answer the phone as quickly as possible so many times it is an instinctive reaction…

But still made me giggle a bit :slight_smile:

That would never happen to me as i have never ironed.

Oi! Yeah, fair play, they are shit.