Iron butt

So National Treasure has just convinced me to sign up for the Iron Butt 1000.

Anyone else stupid enough to fancy it?

Not this year.

Is it a fixed route? 1000 miles of motorway? Nice scenery?

I’m curious.

4 routes - all on the link provided. Northern route (Scotland) will be way more scenic

Love how the ‘south’ route goes all the way to Liverpool & Leeds… Never considered Liverpudlians as southerners :joy:

Bloody hell that’s a ride and a half, twice…

As bluelagos says there are 4 routes all starting and finishing at Squires Leeds. There is no set route other than the requirement to stop at and get a VAT receipt from each of the 5 check points. VAT receipts are also required from any additional fuel stops you make.

Information page here

Routes page here

Entry form here

The routes are north and south in relation to the start point which is Squires Cafe Bar, Newthorpe, Leeds. A ride and a half, twice and then some. My PB’s for the 1000+ mile ride are: Longest 23 hours 32 minutes; Shortest 18 hours 30 minutes.

Ι know I know…was more of a comment on how long actually 1000miles is

I would defo be up for one of these, albeit I don’t think this years will work for me in terms of timings etc.

If anyone fancies a crack next year I’d be in.

Pencilled in my planner

For those that do, the RBLR1000 (2021) Faceache page is here