irish roadracing season kicks off at last

The irish roadracing season finally kicks off with the cookstown 100

the aussie/scot pairing of cameron donald / keith amor dominating pretty much of all the racing

the fine sunny weather made for a great days racing with lap records around the orritor circuit falling lap after lap

more pics at

or alternatively follow the irish scene at

The Tas Suzuki looks so small! Love the 125/250 as well Superb shots as ever. Any idea if this is on TV?

erm not sure

the tv cameras were there .but as to when it will be shown i’m not sure

will check the tv guides and post an update laters on

i think i heard it was going to be on next monday, but you will have to watch bbc 1 or 2 Northen Ireland… it’s freeveiw on sky

can’t wait to see it again

We’ve just watched the video off and loved it! I’m surprised the beeb have a dedicated mini-site for it. I’ll give it a good looking over tomorrow at work