Irish Road Racing

Decided to pay a return visit to Skerries on the weekend of 7th July. Ferry out from Holyhead on Friday morning - early start to catch it! Friday evening practice and then racing on Saturday. I’ve just booked a hotel near Dublin airport for about £100 and the about the same for the high speed ferry from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire. Probably about the 5th time I’ve done it over the years so if anyone is interested in experiencing some real road racing you’d be welcome to come!

hi and welcome to LB

I did that in 2005/6. Excellent weekend.
You’ll have a great time. Post some pics when you get back

More notice and this would be a great one to join, we’ve been wanting to see some road racing :slight_smile:

if you cant make this Mel…why not get yourself over for the Manx GP later in the year

Can’t say I would compare the 2 personally (and yes, I have been to the Manx - twice). The IOM is great but unfortunately spoiled by the waiting around and lack of action compared to the Irish events. Whilst they are both at the mercy of our fickle weather, there is a far greater chance of getting 4 or 5 miles of road open (and they’ll still race when it’s pretty wet) rather than 37. If you go to the IOM you’ve also got to deal with the steam racket, lack of accommodation and probably use up most of a weeks holiday to do it. For the Irish races, take a weekend plus the Friday and you can usually get to see practice plus 8-10 races on the day, you’ll also get to see the riders more in one race than you’ll get to see in one day on the IOM. Plus the ability to move around and spectate from different parts of the course - no contest in my humble opinion!