Just come back from touring around the Republic of Ireland with a mate of mine.

If you want great roads, I think the roads there are some of the best.

The R341 and 342 which skirt the coastline around Clifden were amazing for scenary, fast flowing bits, catching air on the bumps and tricky hairpins.

Truely fantastic coast roads which sweep in and out of beautiful cliffs and rock formations.

The N81 out of Dublin was sheer exhilaration with sections reminding me of some tracks I’ve been to…Hanging off the R6 like a loon around a downhill right hander

Here are a few pics (from mobile so not best quality)

Road around Clifden

Nick befriending some cows…They chased him when he set off on his SV

Cliffs of Moher near Kilkee


Nice pics mate. Isle of Man is very much the same. Some amazing scenery there!

Nice pics mate … looks as if you had a top time there.

very nice mate - quite fancying a trip out that way myself - maybe as a shakedown run for russia - looks just like home!

Do it…Go!

Try and catch some road racing if there’s any when you go…

I can’t really fault a rider that can safely ride through the twisties at over 180 MPH. Especially if he’s doing it legally

That’s a good idea! And I suppose is a better suggestion than the one had for Spain…

Looks the business. Did you drink much Guinness.

PS, I know that handsome young fella in the HG leathers.


I’d go to Ireland for a long week-end of riding…and I’d fall in love with the place and never come back. I just know it.

Quality pics…sounds like a GREAT trip.

Yes much prettier and we get to ride through Wales to get there.


wow it looks lovely…and thanks for sharing it with us and giving me an incentive to tour again!!

That looks like a great ride, afroR6! I think it should be compulsory to go on ride like this once a year. Get a big map on the wall and ask a friend to throw a dart at it, where it lands, go there! Then work out a nice route!

Mmmm! Just looking at the pictures ya can breathe the fresh air…And smell the Guinness too.

Ireland what a wonderful place…Been to Dublin and went touring along the coastline (Sadly not on the bike though)…But was still Gorgeous!

Afro the country and roads just look bliss, I might try and plan an IOM trip during summer next year it would be fun riding outside the UK im inspired.

Those pictures look absolutely amazing…


Yeah - beautiful!!!

i love ireland… have a place out there so get to go whenever i like

I really want to do a trip to Ireland on the bike sometime this summer. The roads look fab (great pics Afro) and the scenery is gorgeous…erm, when it’s not raining!

Anyone up for a trip?

Yes yes yes!!!

The Ring Of Kerry is beautiful…

Well normally I would have said the “when it isn’t raining” bit could be tricky, but I just just got back from a week of T-shirt weather in Donegal whithout getting precipitated on once & this is April !?!?

Whoo-hoo roll on global warming !

Lucky…I would love to go back there some time

Hmm…I feel an attempt at organising a trip coming on

I climbed Carantouhill a couple of years ago and drove from Dublin down the east coast to get down there, which was just beautiful.

Right, will get my thinking cap on and see if I can rustle up some interest