ipod transfer

Any ipod experts here? I loaded my ipod via my PC, with both music bought on itunes, and all my own stuff I had saved on the PC. My PC has now died and I have a new laptop, but this will not allow me to add or update anything on the ipod other than newly purchased music via itunes.

Does anyone know how I can register my ipod on a new computer allowing me to add or change the music I have stored on it?

I am not at all techie, so answers in basic english would be very much appreciated!!:slight_smile:

Welcome to LB.
Try this:
you should be able to drag and drop tracks to your iPod using WMP library

Apple dont actually let you copy form the ipod to the PC, they say it will promote piracy but there are plenty of free/cheap packages that will do it. I used idump a while ago and it ok for a freebie.

If you google the subject you will find ways to change windows settings and unhide the songs but the song names will be all messed up.

Let me know if you get stuck.

thanks guys,

the bat - does this work for putting tracks already on the ipod on the laptop too?

Dannyboy - I did a google search but couldn’t really understand what they were all talking about! Like I said - I’m a techie novice. Give me road signs and bikes and stuff anyday, but technology…hopeless!!


I use a free program called Floola (I use it in Linux but I think there’s windows versions) this allows you to move songs to/from your PC and ipod, without fkkng up the filenames.