Ipod help please

Ok I have moved to my gfs house and dont have my old pc anymore which had all my itunes and music on it. I have just set up itunes on my gfs pc and plugged my ipod in and it says that it cant run two librarys or something and its going to erase all my songs on my ipod! WTF it took months to put em on is there anyway around this at all? All I want to do is copy whats on my ipod to my new library please help.

A desperate man!

you cant do it with itunes, but you can with other software! i think one i downloaded for a friend is called “ipodrip” or something. this article teaches you how. there are many other programs floating around the web if you dont like the ones described in here though. http://www.engadget.com/2004/11/02/how-to-get-music-off-your-ipod/

good on ya Tel, it was on the cards Hope it works out.

can’t help with Ipod thingy tho. Not sure what one is. Is it like a personal cassette recorder?

LOL cheers mate!

I’ll stand corrected…

When you plug the ipod in and hit go into iTunes - when it asks if you want to link the libs just say no - then go into the ipod preferences in itunes preferences and click ‘manually mannage iPod’. This allows you to manaully put your tracks onto your GFs computer.