iPhone vs. Blackberry vs. Android


Interesting numbers… I can only assume that the iphone owners think that using different hands to masturbate qualifies as separate sexual partners.
If you take Mrs Palm and her 4 daughters as 5 sexual partners (which most iphone owners would, as they are mostly lackwitted fools), multiply by two then that’s 10 partners already :wink:

We thought they simply get more, because they pay more…

I think these studies are complete rubbish. I don’t believe that the average 25 year old has only slept with between 3 and 8 woman. I only know maybe one 25 year old that is within that bracket (and being 25 I know a lot of 25 year olds), and that’s because he’s married.

As an iphone user I can only completely concur with this study.

For once its obviously a factual and probably actually an underestimate of the true extent of the issue :stuck_out_tongue:

what I find quite interesting is that the women have had more partners than the men…all the women I know always claim to be less than 10 :smiley:

the numbers are falsified.

being buttf*cked by steve jobs shouldn’t count as sex

Well now. I think jobs is dissapointed that Android phones are outselling I-phanboy-phones so he comissioned this “survey”. Not satisifed that was enough he’s suing Google now. And if that doesnt work, he’ll throw his toys out of the cot and cry.

Lord knows what he’ll do when the Android tablets start killing of his i-phanboy-pads.

Sell your Apple shares now :smiley:

I’m not convinced. I was fighting them off with a stick before I got my iphone and nothing has changed since.

As surveys go, that’s a load of f 'ing nonsense.

Steve Jobs may be a man of many talents, but being Larry Ellison isn’t one of them… :stuck_out_tongue:

doh! confuzzelated!

But looks like everyone hates Google! As for ellison, well maybe he can buy jobs too!!