Yeah my company is paying for it. Bloody Tesco website managed to cock up the delivery address though so Yodel are trying to deliver it to my house with no one there. They “carded” yesterday but the number on the card is invalid. Marvellous… And breathe.

After you’ve played with it for a while, you’ll wished you’d got a big one! :smiley:

Easy tiger!

Yodel are a terrible delivery company. How they’re still in business I don’t know. PDP all the way (If only we had a choice)

I don’t use my Nexus 7 a great deal, but at least that was only £170. Tablets are generally consumption devices. Mine does get used if I go away, it gets loaded with films and TV :slight_smile:

that’s the only reason i would use a tablet. going away for long weekends or holidays than lugging my heavy laptop and power cords and stuff

I’ve played with it and it’s quite big enough thanks :slight_smile:

re choice of tablet… If I were choosing to buy a tablet (which I am not) I would not be buying an Apple. The reason it ‘has’ to be a Crapple is because a new range of products my company are supplying are designed to be remote accessed using fecking iPads and I will be supporting and demonstrating this stuff… Hence the need for an iPad rather than a proper bit of kit :wink:

Yes I am using it now it just feels like a large print iPhone… But you can’t make calls on it… I’ve yet to see what it does that my Samsung Galaxy SII doesn’t.

Facetime :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to buy my daughter an ipad for her birthday but doing research and reading reviews i bought the Google Nexus 10 which is just as good as the ipad but cheaper.

I find it very good for reading long documents. Much better than reading from a Kindle.

Can download PDFs of cases and read through them on the iPad quite easily where ever you are, much lighter than most laptops with a similar screen size, and I got a nice case that holds it in landscape or portrait very easily, which makes reading it more comfortable (because you don’t have to hold it up for long periods).

Is it value for money?

Probably not.

Is it a rather well made piece of kit that works very well? yes.

I’m hoping this is a joke :slight_smile:

Hmmm FaceTime… Isn’t that Skype for 12 year old chavs? :smiley:

My choice would’ve been similar had it not been the specific iPad requirement for this product. I’ve put an FTP app on it and made a couple of minor changes to a couple of HTML pages but would not want to do much more than just minor changes with it. I’ve not been sucked into the Apple iClone brand just yet…

The only Apple product i have is the ipod classic as it is 160gb storage, i refuse to have the phone and everything else that Apple do.

Buy from John Lewis, as they give you a 24 month warranty

This is useful -I’ve had my Tom Tom Rider II replaced twice & numerous charging docks on the strength of this:


The iPad is an annoying piece of ****. Just saying…

The complete lack of file system is P.I.T.A. for this to be any use as a technical tool, it is a toy and might as well be branded Tomy or Fisher Price. Example. If I have a PDF on my web based email that I would like to save to the iPad for offline use and then be able upload to a website such as the LB or another forum, you can’t.

a. save it.
b. browse for it to upload.

I dare say “there’s an app for it” but my phone can do that stuff. Argh.

Really??!! How on earth has this fundamental flaw been missed by the billions of “satisfied” Apple users?

hate anything apple

If its not a granny smiths it aint getting in .


The thing is, that’s fine for some folk. Even as an Android fan, I have advised some people to buy iPhones as I think they would be better with something simple. (Alba will attest if people come to me for advice, I don’t just try and push Android on them) It does still surprise me when tech type folk use them though.

For 99% of the folk out there the iPad does all you might want it to do. It’s the 1% that REALLY makes me want to launch it across the room at least once a day! My friends call it the frisby as they no one day it will come to a grisly end being launched like a frisby by me into a wall :wink: :slight_smile:

Today’s gripe is that the Skype app does not allow you to block/unblock contacts which is annoying to say the least