I have to buy an iPad for work :frowning: minimum iPad2 IOS6

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to convince me that this is not just a teatray with an lcd screen on it. From what I can tell it’s just a browser, can it do anything that’s actually useful that I can’t do with my Android phone or the PC’s/laptops that I have ( and I don’t mean “facetime”, drawing pictures with my fingers, playing crappy logo games, or making me look like a total bell-end taking photographs with it)?

What one should I buy? Should I just get the bare minimum for my requirement (iPad2 IOS6) or should I get the dogs danglies latest one, what are the benefits? I don’t envisage me using this for anything other than a product support requirement… convince me othewise?

Where should I buy one from?

Next I will be giving up red meat, driving a BMW Mini and subscribing to Hairdressers Monthly. I feel emasculated. :frowning:

does it have to be an ipad or just a tablet?

When I was looking at tablets everything I read seemed to suggest that the Google Nexus was the one to be beat… and that was the one I decided to particularly as my usage would be quite low and it’s cost is significantly less…

Umm… Hun, I think it’s too late for Hairdressers Monthly!

Can’t imagine life without my IPad now. I was sceptical at first, it’s only when you use it that you will really get why life is better with one. You can have a play with mine if you want.


Where to buy:

  • Apple (obvious)
  • eBay (with a bit of luck)
  • Gumtree (if you have big cojones)
    What to look at:
    You did not said what you are going to do with it, so I will go with latest one. Check with your company maybe iPad mini will be enough.
    Remember that Apple user friendly devices have no ability to extend storage so to be safe go with 32GB (middle one).

What to do with it:
Depends how advanced your skills are or how open are your mind for new technologies, you can do:

  • only work
  • use it for browsing, emails, tv/radio/music/movies
  • jalibreak and use it for more than only paid software, and loose some limitations

If you want to play safe just go to Apple shop and take it with warranty.


My wife has one for work, she uses it to email and internet. The kids use it to play games. Its a toy.

Unfortunately, it has to be an iPad 2 IOS6 minimum… it’s to support a range of products that we’re selling that are aimed at iPad users… So my hands are tied <stop it!> :slight_smile:

hahah quite possibly…

Not quite sure of the “life improving” qualities… might take you up on the offer though, thanks.

It’s more do I buy the bare minimum, or is it soooooooooo good that I really should get the all singing/dancing one?

Thanks, great reply :slight_smile:

that’s my curreny view on them tbh…

Take a look at CEX. They’re a very reputable retailer with stores in various parts of London and tend to have loads in stock. Plus, they give a free 12 month warranty with everything they sell! :slight_smile:
I’ve bought various laptops and other bits, and even my EOS 5D MKII camera, from the Tottenham Court Road store with no problems.

If you have willing to pay 20-30% more of market price. Sorry CjKit that was my experience of CEX. If second hand stores are on table I would rather try some cash converters.


You will find it very useful, no start up time, supports a lot of email platforms so its easy to look at your emails, instant internet search, if you read or subscribe to magazines just download them for commute (train) or whilst on the plane, music storage, the only thing you will miss from using a laptop is Java - i havn’t used my laptop in months since buying my Ipad! The “cloud” is good so everything is backed up in case of loss or damage, LB works properly on it (that’s the important bit :smiley: )

The ipad is like a car, when you don’t have one (before you pass your test) you cope - but as soon as you have one you wonder how the feck you managed before!:wink:

I brought the new Ipad 32gb as its quicker has better display and when you don’t need it anymore or want an upgrade you will get more of your money back as its newer - don’t go for ipad with Sim unless you don’t have a smart phone as your phone acts as a mobile wireless device so its pointless having the Sim!

Have elected to purchase a mini (& get the comp to pay) because it will do less damage to my walls when I use it as a frisbee & do what I need it to for this support job, plus I bought it on my Tesco account so I get the points to use for something useful like Eurotunnel tickets… Thanks for the replies peeps.

My mum’s got a mini through work, I’ve used it a bit but I really can’t see the appeal. Yeah sure some of the games a fun, but I have a pc and ps3 for gaming. Typing on it is awkward, basically it does everything a laptop does but not quite as well.

I had an Ipad for a weekend and a Surface from work for 3 months. The main benefit for me was that you could pick it up, do a quick bit of internet stuff like booking cinema tickets and then put it down again. It was less laborious than using a PC or laptop.

It’s just a big iphone. Mine collects dust was a total waste of £600

Sell it… to me :stuck_out_tongue:

To be more serious until I got myself (it was given me, thank you Mrs EvilBlade) a lightweight laptop I was using iPad for most of tasks (had this funky logitech keyboard with it). After that occurance I sold it for like 350 (iPad 64G 4G) because it was collecting dust.


Sell it… to me :stuck_out_tongue:

To be more serious until I got myself (it was given me, thank you Mrs EvilBlade) a lightweight laptop I was using iPad for most of tasks (had this funky logitech keyboard and mouse with it). After that happened I sold it for like 350 (iPad 64G 4G) because it was collecting dust.


ps. that was the configuration, bear in mind there is no mouse driver in the official firmware so it need to be little amended. (Jailbreak + driver)

I dont get on with the keyboards on tablets, for anything involving ‘work’ its got to be a laptop, no matter how portable a tablet is, its just a toy really. You say you have to buy one, go for the cheapest !

Think the most important question here is

“Will it blend?”

Just got my second iPad this week. Never spent a cent on them. Work supplies them :smiley:

If you are required by work to have one, they should be buying it surely?