Ip adress banned ?

Have not been able to post from home
but thought I’d try my iPhone that’s just picked up a witless network
from someones house near the kids school
so have I been banned , just comes up required fields but nothing
to tell me what they are? Or is it because I mentioned another bike site in the praise and shame:

I would ahve thought they would have just banned your username if htey wanted to stop you posting, as banning your IP would only ban you from certain places.
Are you sure you don’t have a virus or malware on your home computer? tried posting from a separate laptop at home or from your iphone at home for that matter? Also are you at home on ADSL/Broadband or on Cable? If you are on cable then you might have a static IP but if you are on ADSL unless you specifically asked you will be on a range of IPs so try switching the Modem on/off to change the IP you are allocated.

Broadband adsl and wireless have tried from the iPhone but still the same I’ll check some settings unless this workd

Oohh maybe it was because my mesages were full I just deleted some and seems ok now thanks for the advice seems I can post again now :slight_smile:

Still can’t post from home pc any more
advice please al lnother forums are ok just can’t post on here or send pm,s and tales for ever on my mobile thingy ?

Are you using IE8?