IOM TT Superstock

I was watching IOM TT and was wondering what has happened to Honda and Suzuki. Great riders on board, great chassis. But down on power, down on electronics.
This clearly doesn’t help selling bikes when BMW and KAWI passes them like standing in straight line. I do get it that most riders 99.9% don’t need more than 150-180+ horses, but that’s what sells bikes, “the best” “the fastest” “most advanced” (people buy that shit). I could understand if they wish to go analogue and there are some 1% riders who would prefer to be bad ass old school and not having any safety net. But for most I think it’s a must, that’s one of the reasons why there are less superbike crashes, (tyres and electronics). And it doesn’t cost mountains of money, hardware is cheap just get someone to program it, test ride it and it will pay dividends in the future. Plus honda has all the goodies, just trickle down them from motogp(as yamaha did)

Honda seem to have been spending all their time on the MOTO GP bike replica, that we aren’t suppose to call a replica, and fuck knows what Suzuki are up to, but the GSXR hasn’t had a significant update for ages. I think you are wrong about the hardware though, it isn’t cheap to do the R&D and get it fitted and running well, which is why bikes that have it are now all over £15K and some with all the options are pushing £20K, perhaps Suzuki and Honda think their market demographic doesn’t include those that can spend that much.

If were in a position to buy a new bike it would probably be from one of those 2 as I can still afford their bikes, unlike anything from KTM!! the new 1290ADV is £17K with decent accessories. FFS!

The MT09 looks half decent for reasonable price

but it has none of the power or toys the OP was talking about. 200bhp is never going to be released with out the expensive traction control and engine modes that go with it. sad but true. the MT09 is a long way from 200BHP

I agree R&D is not cheap but we are not talking about two guys in garage :slight_smile:
And bikes loaded with power and electronics are not over 15k, new yamaha probably, but bmw 1000rr - £13.7k, zx10r - £12.1k. And 2015 fireblade with abs is £12.2k, blade sp £14.9. Gixxer is the cheapest at £10.7k.

My King came out with 180 bhp and more torque than the 1000cc bikes and that has NO electronics. no abs, no traction etc. its fine