IOM TT Sidecars

Don’t fully understand the side car thing. In days of old when we drank our cold tea from rolled up newspaper without milk, sugar or tea it was an affordable means of family transport but hey ho.

Just watched that Harrison fella take his first TT win. Fair play to him, the young lad in the chair had proper ants in his pants, he hardly sat still for the entire race :ermm:

They are good to watch also, not as fast as the solo’s but still get a wriggle on.

As Mrs J spent her childhood in a sidecar similar to this

I wanted her to have a go at sidecar racing but sadly she’s not up for it :pinch:

Hmm. No sense of adventure that girl.

On the other hand, she did take you on …

When are you out and about again Derek?

Long time no see.

We`ve been asked to organise a 125 new to big bikes rideout, your input, involvement and sagacity would be invaluable in bringing such an anathema to fruition.:slight_smile: