IOM TT 2016

Hey guy’s

I’ve found out that i’m probably going to be working the TT this year. But as i’ve just found out i have no ferry or accommodationn booked! I know i’m late and have seen that more or less all ferries are booked and accommadation in Douglas is pretty steep. Wan’t to go on my bike, but it looks like it’s might have to be a flight.

So i was hoping you LB’rs could help me find transport and a place to stay. I’m not fussed, camping is fine with me. Was planning on going over on the 27th of May and coming back on the 11th of June.


 - Lasse


ferries: just keep trying. deposits are forfeited at the end of February so a lot more tickets become available on March 1st. 

There are other campsites. Ballamoar’s fine in itself, but it’s not so great if you want to be near to anything more than a pub and a corner shop.

well sure, there’s if you like being next to a river in a place where it can rain a lot.

IOM Tourist Board are very helpful.

Thanks for the advise :slight_smile: I’ll keep a lookout for ferry tickets coming up. Is there a site (other then here) where people put there ferry tickets up? Or do most just cancel them and they become aviable on steam packet?

I’m gonna look at the camping sites too. Well next to a river on a rainy Island sounds more like a challange then a trip :wink:

Working doing what…where was my invite!

Paramedic of course :slight_smile: I applied here
Thought you knew all about it??? Sorry :-/

Yea I did but can’t do it this year, will be doing it next year though! Let me know how it goes!

Did you know Gareth (HEMS Doctor) is the med director :wink:

Ahh okay. Will do :slight_smile:
Didn’t know that. I’ll have to make friends with him then haha

I did the Homestay thing last year. We stayed in one wing of a mansion in Baldrine with the retired tax exile owner. Check out who you are staying with and the nature of the accommodation. 

You’ll find a lot of ferry tickets becoming available at the end of the month when people get asked for the balance to be paid…and have a coronary at the cost of it.

> “Or do most just cancel them and they become aviable on steam packet?”

yes that is exactly what happens.

Either phone the Steam Racket Co. or check online from a few days
before 1st March. It may be worth buying the first tickets that nearly fit
your required dates then checking regularly after 1st Mar and changing
(no extra charges) if better dates come up.