Invisible Wheelie

This is most likely stating the bleedin’ obvious: Was in a car travelling from Godstone to Oxted yesterday and saw a green bike behind me coming up the centre of the road overtaking all of the traffic. I was looking in the side mirror to see what model it was . . . it suddenly disappeared from view.

I could still hear the (rather tasty) exhaust note but looked in all my mirrors and couldn’t see the bike atall. He then whacked past me on his back wheel. The rider did a magnificent wheelie most of the way down the long hill.

I’d never thought about it before but by doing the wheelie, he was virtually invisible to the cars he was overtaking.

I only mention this because the car in front of me didn’t see the bike either, indicated right and nearly took the Wheelier out as he passed. I estimate about half-an-inch saved the rider a rather nasty 50mph smack.