Invisible indicators - is it just me?

Nights are closing in and my home run’s now in the dark.

New cars with clear/frosted indicator lenses, with orange bulbs, or the same with tiny sized ones. Sometimes I just cant see that theyre on.

I was at a round about (second mini just before going down westwood hill SE26) and I was staring straight at the oncoming cars lights, feeling uneasy because of his road positioning and perceived lack of an indicator, decided to go for it and then had to slam on the brakes as he swung round.

Wasnt an instantaneous thing, good few seconds of me staring at the cars lights before I decided to go. Only saw the indicators were on when the car was sideways onto me.

Anyway, anyone else find they cant see indicators head on at times?

Yep, was thinking that the other day in a similar situation.

me too

lol I was thinking this just yesterday when a car coming the other way was indicating but only saw it as I was almost next to it…

Like the cars that do not wipe the morning dew of their windscreens and peep through a little hole where the cold air is blowing on their windscreens… FCUKWITS !!

A lot of new cars seem to have indicators very close to incredibly bright headlights - I guess it’s just a triumph of style over function with designers wanting compact headlight clusters.

I do sometimes find it hard to spot some indicators during the day, especially when sunny. But never really had that problem during the night.