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This is our first post as new site sponsors of

We are and are official UK retailers for Nexx helmets, which are pretty new to the UK, but already big sellers in mainland Europe and the USA.

The Nexx range includes full face, open face, flip front and motocross helmets. The best selling helmet, the XR1R Carbon full face helmet, has just received a 5 star review from MCN, with them saying, “This is the best road helmet I’ve worn. Nexx deserve an award for this one.”

We have lots of photos, videos and further information on our website,, but if anyone needs any specific info, I’d be happy to answer questions either here or via the contact information on the website.

You can read the full MCN review of the XR1R Carbon here.


Welcome aboard! :smiley:

That XR1R Carbon in white and Black looks lovely.

What’s it like for noise levels as the visor config looks a bit iffy?

Welcome aboard.

According to MCN…

“Sound levels are low - even at motorway speeds – and it has the benefit of being amongst the best looking helmets on the market.”

Although they do point out that the visor system is not the quickest or best designed, they also note that the visors come pinlock ready.

One thing I noticed, although they were out on track, I didn’t see the ACU gold sticker on the lid? Is it rated, are we as non-journalists going to be able to use it on the track?

Invader looks (and sounds :smiley: ) good.

Shall keep this in mind, once I’ll need a new helmet.

Perhaps that question is best answered by MCN’s review, “Sound levels are low - even at motorway speeds – and it has the benefit of being amongst the best looking helmets on the market.”

Our customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ll be supplying LB with a test helmet, so hopefully there’ll be a review appearing on here too.

Thanks for the welcome!


Kaos (05/08/2011)

It’s currently being tested for ACU approval so that should appear soon. It is currently ECE and DOT approved for road use.


look nice in matt black,any discounts for LB menbers?

But Invaders Must Die!

Says the British to the German in Britain :stuck_out_tongue:
Kapitulation, niemals!
:smiley: :w00t:

+1 be good to know if we get any discount, preferably in the area of 99.9%??


Yes, we’re offering a free dark visor, worth £39.99, exclusively to LB members with every XR1R Carbon. To take advantage of this special offer, please either message me here or email [email protected] with your LB username.

The XR1R Carbon is available in 4 different styles;

Gloss White/Carbon
Matt Black with Grey detailing
Matt Black with Red detailing
Matt Black with Gold detailing

Dark visor

The XR1R Carbon comes with a Pinlock anti-fog visor insert as standard, which fits both the clear and dark visors.


got mine today. looks the dog’s danglies. can only test it next sat when my bike is fixed :crying:

I bet you it has not stopped you from walking around the house with the helmet on though…


actually I was wearing it in the office :rolleyes::smiley: I got looks from the company in the other office :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm… A Carbon helmet at an awesome pricepoint. I almost exclusively wear schuberth. I think I may be finally tempted, obviously only after reading a few more reviews.

White and carbon is def my choice. Makes me want to get nasty. Kind of wish there was a Carbon / Red with white striping.

The Nexx XR1R and Nexx XR1R Carbon now have ACU certification.

All new Nexx XR1Rs from ForMotorbikes come with the ACU sticker. For those with older Nexx XR1Rs, you can get an ACU gold sticker from our website,

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