Introducing Faze Out

Hi there,

Some of you may know me already from Monday 2nd of Nov when I mucked up the return trip by making a phone call as everyone was leaving and ended up losing the pack. Then had follow GoF home because I have no sense of direction. For those of you who don’t- Hi!

I’ve been riding for 5 years from the age of 16 going through the various stages; pedboi- gilera DNA, city biker- Honda CBF 250 and now as a sports tourer- the bike I’ve been riding for the last 3 months is a Fazer 600 hence the name. I’m very passionate about riding- a different way of travelling which entitles no traffic, the nod from oncoming bikes, the occasional exemption from average speed cameras, the fun group rideouts and most importantly the group of wonderful people that welcome all other bikers and can have extensive conversations about all things bikes.

Anyway enough waffling, good to be part of LB look forward to meeting everyone!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Do you live in Broughton Road by any chance?

Anyway good to meet you Monday…for a short time :smiley:

Stop waffling, you’re worse than Kevsta! :w00t:

Welcome to LB mate :smiley:

No sorry mate, used to live in ruislip, now i’m further out in high wycombe.

Bet you’re glad you had those crash mushrooms!!!

Yeah - for the win! Have already ‘repaired’ the damage using some black vinyl…well it’ll do for the winter anyway!

There’s a bike exactly like yours in Ealing…I also may have already spoken to you at ‘the track’ I think.

Hello and welcome to LB:)

Aww you used to live just down the road from me! :slight_smile:
Might have crossed you at some point…

Thanks for the warm welcome :smiley:

Fazer 600s are very nice bikes, knew someone with one and it was a great thing to ride apparently.

Welcome to the forum even though im more of a nub than you :laugh:

Cheers Mate