Introduce Yourself.

This was the day before I traded the old girl in.


Naa i dont need to worey, but still my SV is popular and keeps up with the TL riders without all the chav addons.
But as i have never had a IL4 then i may one day try one or just become one of thoes twin for life people (hope not). Saying all that i did like the TLS that i rode, but was to scared to ride it like i ride mine as the bike was not mine. So mabey next will be a TLS, TLR, Firestorm something like that, or possably two bike a 2 & 4.

TSM - I think I saw you at the Lord of Lyden meeting. Are you wingnuts mate?

Don’t forget the 2 new ktm’s (950duke and sooperdook), they are bikes in the same mode as TLS.

There is a guy on the SV forum called wingnut, might have met him on an SV rideout.
If you are in soho i would have probably seen you many times, i was there on friday with garfield, guy with red Blackbird. I was not on my bike though as i crashed up on the Cat & Fiddle in september & damaged my back.
I dont recall any Lord of Lyden meeting, where/what was it?
There is a guy on the SV forum cloggsy, i think he now has a KTM’s you mentioned and he loves it.
I just like the look of the TLS as it looks like the SV. I like the older looking bikes not the latest thing.

and what about the Woodland Creatures Pete?

Hey Pete. The 916 (748/996/998) are stunning bikes I can understand your nostalgia. I’m sure there’s a real market place opportunity for a Gixer rebody kit. Perhaps with a 916 front and an F4 rear?

So is that a Ducati Red latex bodysuit your young lady is sporting? (Avatar)

Looks like you’ve had some great rides in your time.

I must check out the KTM and similar of this world. Sounds like they’re excellent town bikes (and off road obviously).

See if these pics gets you excited:


Uraguay rocks.

Whatcha do DP?

I think I said earlier in the thread, I’m a marine electronics engineer.

Heard today the Uraguay job is prolly off though!

Iain - that Ducati is feckin’ horrible, the owner needs ****in’ shootin’!

Blue suede seat? WTF is that all about? I won’t go any further, but you knows there

are some serious crimes against good taste on that bike!

Pork - I’m breakin’ these guys in easy, the woodland creatures are on hold!

The Gixxer is the venerable do-it-all bike, imo. It goes, stops and turns as it should, on both road and track. My K5 will be heading to a track-only purpose in time I think, as I look for a bike to be the dedicated road bike in my ideal situation of a seperate road and track bike setup. After borrowing Iain’s K4 750 the other day, I have some alterations planned for the “R2” (Revision 2) K5 to make it a little more track focused (braking upgrades). Whether or not I can make use of these alterations is another issue alltogether


oh dear…


oh dear as in the ‘breaking in’ bit…


Agree about the all rounder, as I said to Ian on Friday night, when mine was a road bike in summer 2000, I went to Spain and back, ran near the front of the fast group at Snetterton and did my shopping, on the same bike in a 2 week period!

To be fair, you could do it on a blade no worries!

brake upgrades? All you need is carbon Metallic pads by performance friction.

“Patented laser ready - tm” - means it takes one lap of a gp circuit to bed them in. The hotter they get, the better they work. (Not suggested for road use as they don’t keep warm in the rain!

My 750 is raced with std master cylinder and calipers, AND THOSE PADS! The only reason I’ve got after market discs is that I warped the OE ones!

If you’re better than the std set-up plus those pads - enter british superstocks in 06!

(Part number for K1 = 7518.95.08.92 - not sure of how pad size varies for later models)

I’m looking at going for a three point upgrade;

  • Brembo WSB discs
  • Performance Friction pads
  • Brembo 19x18 radial master cylinder w/custom switch gear

Goodridge hoses are already fitted, so this will be a pretty stonking setup once implemented. PF pads are great, I’m with you on that one, ran some on my last 750 and had a whale of a time. I took a step backwards last year with my braking (on track) and wasn’t nearly as aggressive as I should have been, but am looking to work on that next season. The discs aren’t 100% necessary, but I have a little something up my sleeve that justifies them.

I’m also going to be making a final-drive modification as well; looking to move to a 520 chain setup with altered gear ratio sprockets to make the most of the savage acceleration the K5 can dish out. Race clipons and an armoured alternator cover are also possibles, but they’re only ‘would be nice’ items at this stage.

Did you ever see my 750?

I saw your 750 on VD. Nice. Did it get stolen.

If you want some interesting figures, try to find Paul Youngs lap times in the 2001 British superstock championship. He was on K1 GSXR thou.

The rules meant he had to run stock master cylinder and stock discs. He had his own pads of choice and braided hoses. Admitidly the forks were re-worked ( helps on the brakes).

Look at those times and honestly tell me you NEED anything on that shopping list!

Oh Pete, I’m under no disollusion that I need them, it’s just a would-like upgrade. A good rider could run rings around me on a 250, let alone similar machinery in stock form. I am but a student of the track, and love trying out different setups. I may never be a racer, but I don’t see why I can’t try race quality machinery!

Do you have any trackdays planned? I won’t be on track until next year. I was planning on picking up a 250 track bike for next year, but since the K5 got damaged that’s on hold for a while.

The 750 was sold, not stolen. I had a 750 Y, like you, back in 2004, but that was stolen after only three months of owning it (two days after doing a Brands trackday), the insurance payout paid for the K4 750, but the insurance company screwed me over big time for it, and I’m still paying for it. I despise insurance companies for their flawed logic.

Insurance can be a massive pain in the arse, I remember reading about the theft now.

My next track time WAS going to be the first round of Swiss Moto Eurocup at Jerez in Feb (I’ve been there for the last few years.) You get plenty of open pit lane practice time (handy 'cos I learn tracks pretty slowly) and they run 2 open class "sprint races! (12 laps of 2.73 miles) and a 4 hour enduro race.

It’s a great week, shame that I have a project in South Korea that now clashes with it. After having a long hard think about it, I’ve decided to BANK, and do the job in Korea. I think I’m gonna give road racing a miss next year and instead enter the Southern supermoto championship.

I’m gonna spend a lot of time on my butt as I have very little experience on the dirt, but I’ve always wanted to do “proper” motard racing and the best way to learn is quit talking and have a go!

Jay, I like to play devils advocate! If you’ve got the budget why NOT fit the braking gear. I’ve no doubt some people DO go quicker with it on, not because the OE gear wasn’t up to it, but because the higher spec stuff somehow helps confidence. Anyways it’ll look proper BO! in your photo’s, AND avert my attention from the dreaded rim stripes!

(You may have noticed the sooperdook has full Brembo, radial master cylinder, calipers and discs:w00t The speed I ride on the road I could just put my foot down!