Introduce Yourself.

Oh, and there I was thinking you’re the International Man of Mystery.

PMSL - I have a good friend in Louisanna who once said:

“Pete thinks that with all his jet setting he’s a bit of a James Bond type, TBH he’s more Austin Powers!”

Luckily, she gave me a chance to prove I’m “licenced to thrill!”

Hya, might have seen you in passing at Soho. But aware of your presence in the VD gallery. Welcome…

Hey Pete! Good to see you again in Soho, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Glad you’ve signed up. Please feel free to post up pictures of your bikes in the members gallery (pictures & video forum). Take it easy fella and I hope the jet-lag disapears soon.

Also, welcome to The Quiet One, enjoy LB!

Hi Pete (DP for short). I met you last night in Frith and welcome to LB.

Say. With all that leather 'n latex going on. Isn’t DP a bit of a double entendre?

So who’s your partner in crime?!

<Hong Kong Phooey mode on>

That’ll be “spot” the cat!


Hey Pete.

Your license to thrill might have expired if you’ve got pussy “Spottin” trouble?!

It’s not a exact science is it? I mean at least with snake charming your target has a rational course of behaviour!

Hi Pete.

No it’s not an exact science. Definitely an art.

So why Ducati Pete when you own Suzuki / KTM’s? Am I missing something?

As for “the blonde on the black LC4 supermoto comes by - it’s those big boots”. Ana is fantastic but she was complaining last night about getting wet. Apparently those boots just aren’t waterproof. You should probably ask her fella Rod for the detail…

I think it’s a KTM 625 BTW and was red but as of this week is now black (and quite a bit more sexy as a consequence I might add).

I got a 916 in 1996, kept it for 4 years and 40K miles. Some of the guys on the motard forum knew me as Ducati Pete already, the tag stuck.

I remember you saying that now. Bit slow. I think you also said your Gixer handled better than the 916… That was music to my ears.

Enjoy the mad house here.


Hiya mate.

Gixxers r cool. Enjoy the site, mines a pint of methanol, hehe.

at Puppy!

What is it with you and methanol? Looking at developing fuel alternatives for your saving-damsels-in-distress van?

hey there dude, I remember chatting to you, welcome here (I’m new here too) although look around the websites and you’ll find my presence


CBR1100XX Blackbird rider

To simply say it handled better isn’t quite fair and could start a complexed aurgument.

I lapped quicker back to back at a few circuits, so it worked for me!

Gixers Rock m8! And don’t we all know it.Just can’t decide which I love more. The 750 or the 1000.

Oi Iain: You trying to start a fight here, with all this gixxer malarky vs other bike stuff???
Ok i let you know that GSXR is not the best bike, just happens to be one of the most popular. Its like burbury, so eventualy it will be sononomous with the word Chav if not already.
Thats my bit because i cant have one, so makes me feal better (goes off in a huff) + i likes 2’s at the mo…but have not tried 4’s yet.

Well I like to be a bit controversial and so do you by the looks of it TSM. “Chavy” hey? At last recognised and stereotyped. But I guess you won’t have to worry about that problem… I recommend you convince your local Suzuki dealer to lend you one for the afternoon then you’ll understand what all the fuss is about. I bought my first Gixer in '97. SRAD 750 carbed. My first ever bike. It was the best bike then and I think it still is today. Please let me know what the better bikes are. I’m always looking for good ideas…

Here’s the Chav’ster outside Bar Italia this morning. I’m saving up for the Burberry paint job. Thanks go to Damir for allowing me to use his tank as a tripod.


I can see where TSR is coming from, the gsxr is very common, and no matter how pretty the revised model is, after a month you’ve seen so many it’s like “whatever”. That’s why people spend so much time putting (very gay looking in MHO) cosmetic extras on 'em, they want to be able to find their bike at home time!

However, I traded my very sorted 916 (may pop a pic up) for a 750Y. If you look at the pictures in members bikes you’ll see paint jobs and anodised valve caps ain’t really my thing, the only reason I made the change was cos I’d done some laps on a demo bike and knew I’d go qucker on the common as muck gsxr.

Just to contro-watsit myself, my sooperdook’s a twin, and I think they make fantastic road bikes!

What we all need is big garages and 3 bikes!