Introduce Yourself.

Is the title of a great Faith No More song, and the title of my first post on!

In the time honoured internerd fashion, I guess now is the time to abuse me as you feel fitting.*

*<DP bends over and crosses his fingers, hoping the blonde on the black LC4 supermoto comes by - it’s those big boots gadammit!>

Welcome to LB, Pete. So, what bike do you have?

I’m Paivi, and I’m great…

Double espresso please!

welcome to the team, mine’s a pint and order your xmas tickets now!!

Soz, should have supplied some more information, I guess you need ammo right?

GSXR750Y - Road race and trackday bike.

KTM SooperDook - Road bike

KTM 660SMC sooperM - road, and '06 race bike (gonna do Southern supermoto championship)

Likes: Indian food, Girlz in FMB’s and rubber, Apexing late, Cats, and flicking one off!

Dislikes: Traffic, Jet lag, getting up before 0700.

Things I’d rather NOT live without: My Arai lids, my health, my sister and BOUNTY kitchen roll!

Ah, so my question about your bikes wasn’t as silly as I meant it!

Were you at Frith Street last night in fetching KTM leathers, by any chance? If so, you could have bought me my espresso last night!

With a Garage like that, say hello to your new BEST friend…

I’ll err get this round for you, pal!

Welcome to the nuthouse pete, mines a JD and coke mate don’t forget to post pics of your bike in the members bikes post

Roger that, Iwas up @ Soho last night, suffering from the world’s supply of jet-lag, I’ve just got back from a job in South Korea.

I may be going to Uraguay next week.

Hi DP!

Another co-conspirator from the VD forum! I was around the Soho area for awhile last night too!!

Hello Everyone heres yet another person to pester you all

“Its a dirty job but someones gotta do it”

Cup of tea for me dude, welcome to ya

Welcome to the forum

nice Duke son !!!

<DP puts kettle on.>

I care a lot ya know!

God, they’ve let the main with the Kojak rainmac in here. Ladies avert your eyes before he flashes you

Hey Pete, can i have a lemsip please. Not feeling too great today.

Lemsip coming right up Miss!

What you really could do with is a nice hot bath followed by a mas…

Hot bath being run now.

Mas? No thats on a Sunday dude

Welcome to the site Pete and the quiet one! lol

have you place a pic on the members bikes pics gallery? Get your ticket for the xmas part friends!

Het Fella

So your a high flier then all around the world

Thanks, I suspect I’m gonna be in the middle east when the xmas function is on.

BTW curve bloke, it was the Air ambulance thingy that promted me to register here, good work.

Rus, I’d not describe myself that way (sounds VERY 80’s)

I work with high tech Navigation / comms / control electronics on big ships. The ship biulding capital of the world is Korea, hence I spend a fair amount of time out there.