Hi all my name is jim and I am currently sitting at home with a fractured left tibia so am un able to ride to get to any newbie meetings until at least yhe end of January. Hopefully then I will be able to meet fellow members in the flesh, ride safe have agreat xmas cheers jim

Hello buddy,

I’m new here as well so it’ll be good to see you at one of the meets one day. Take care as I know how painful those breaks can be, all the best.


Hi and welcome Jim. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the LB family! Have fun trawling through the forum whilst you are unable to get out and about on the bike, you are allowed to turn up to the newbie night in a car if you can, you won’t get heckled out! :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB Jim

Welcome to LB Jim

Hello and hopefully your fracture will heal quickly and back on the bike in no time!



Hi and welcome!