Hi Folks,

I’ve browsed this site a few times but have only recently joined. I’ve been ridding bikes for a number of years now and I’m currently riding a (very dirty) 2005 CBR600 F4i.

I mainly use the bike to commute into London daily (including through the cold wet winters), would love to get out on more social rides but commitments prevent me from doing so.

Any one else commute into London via M11 or A11 - if so I may have seen you!


Welcome to LB.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Cheers folks! What’s ya sig mean BusaBaz?
Also, is there a thread detailing people’s commute routes?

It’s Gaelic, closest translation would be ‘Scotland Forever’ or ‘Scotland till judgement’. Old battle cry and it’s tattooed on me too.
There isn’t a thread about commute routes that I’ve seen, closest would be on road watch where peeps normally put up any problems they’ve encountered be it traffic, diesel spills, etc etc.

Welcome to LB :wink:

Mine is Timor Omnis Abesto - which means Let fear be far from us all. Wanna get that tattoed somewhere at somepoint too!

Hi welcome to LB:D

I ride up to cambridge about 3/6 times a year, visit some fam: thats about it:D

Ride safe now