Hi everyone!

I moved to London earlier this year and just brought my bike over… I’m the happy owner of a Suzuki DL650 (Vstrom). I’ve had it since Feb’07 and have put on roughly 20K miles in the first 12 months. The longest trip was from Greece to Italy, then across the coast of south Europe to Barcelona, then to the Basque country and back. The coolest trip was an 8-day excursion against conventional wisdom/reason in northern Greece this Ferbuary. I knew I wasn’t going to be riding for a while, so I needed a large dose of riding bliss before I left the country. I was lucky enough to get it (snow/ice/rain/wind - all good when you actually survive and get to tell of it from a warm location).

Pictures of the bike can be found in my account of the trip (it’s in Greek - sorry) here:

My immediate concerns (i.e. something I’ll start searching for in this forum as soon as I hit “post new topic” for this one) are:

  1. Insurance (standard & theft)
  2. A good workshop (if I really had the magical Gini to ask favours from, I’d ask for it to be west/central :slight_smile:

Alright, I’ll see you around!



Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi Alexandros! Your European biking trip sounds brilliant! There are a lot of people on LB who will be able to recommend Insurance/bike shops etc - just post your query in ‘Bike Talk’.:wink:

Welcome to Londonbikers :cool:

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to London bikers! I hope you enjoy the site…

Nice pics by the way…

Welcome to LB.

welcome to lb


Welcome to LB :wink:

hi and welcome:D