Intrepid fox

Looks like i am gonna be at the intrepid fox (cen london) sat 2nd of february, dj m8 of mine (Seamus666) is getting a sort of surprise party there that night. i aint been for a long time, lol.If any1 fancies it come along.

take the p1ss at the young wannabees etc, lol.

I haven’t been since it moved…is it any good in it’s new home? I miss the Wardour St. one LOTS.

It’s nowhere near as good but then again… the alternatives aren’t up to that much either :stuck_out_tongue: Copious amounts of beer make it better :slight_smile:

i have yet to go to the new 1, to tell ya truth i didnt like the old 1, was good many moons ago but since it become a tourist attraction and packed to the gills, not for me.

i believe there is an upstairs too for the new 1 and has the benefit of when closed ya walk about 50 yards to sin ti carry on the party, lol.

Have given up the booze (kinda), but might head down for this. Got the addy?

Centre point!

the new 1 aint that bad it can get a bit craped at the bottom but theres 2 floors so thats ok i usally go there then head over to the crow bar few mins down the road.