Interview with WSB's Chris Walker!

Go, read! This guy is top quality!

Nice work again! I hope he secures a ride on the PS-G Kawasaki for next season and his luck turns in the right direction for a change.

They’ve got to prefer him over Regis Laconi, right?

lets hope so. Surely hes proved his worth so far this year, but if theres two seats available in the team there`s got to be one with his name on.

Rather see him on a TenKate Honda next to To52land. The ZX10r is just not good enough for a full race. gonna be a new one next year but he needs to be on a sorted bike asap. His career isn’t gonna be there forever.

Chris Walker on a Tenkate, thats a nice thought but a hotly contested ride that the top runners will be after. It would be interesting to see him have a test on one and hear his thoughts on it, but this wont happen until his contractual obligations cease.
Surprised PS-G kawasaki haven`t snapped him up yet but this gives both team and riders options of perhaps something better.
Speculation and rumours will only increase now the season end is nearing and everyone is trying to sort out a deal. What with championships to be decided and new contracts to be signed, this is an exciting time of year for sure.

I think Kawasaki are moving to a single rider, which is why things are undecided. Mmm, love the anticipation

If theyre bringing out a new bike for next season youd think it would be better to run two bikes for quicker development. It sounds like theyre short of funds if thats the case.